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PCIe Clocks

PCIe Clocks

Time Signal Receivers for the PCI Express Bus

PCI Express is the latest implementation of the PCI bus, which is only software-compatible with other PCI bus specifications. The PCI Express hardware layout is totally different (it is not possible to install a PCI Express card in a PCI/PCI-X slot or vice-versa).

Meinberg offers PCIe timing devices for computer and network synchronization in both low-profile and regular sizes.

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Meinberg GPS180PEX Low Profile GPS Clock (PCI Express)

Key Features: Two time trigger inputs Pulses per second (1 PPS) and per minute (1 PPM) Memory Map..


Meinberg TCR170PEX: IRIG Time Code Receiver and Generator for Computers (PCI Express)

Timecode reader/generator slot card for PCI Express bus, TCXO Generation of IRIG-B or AFNOR time co..


Meinberg TCR511: IRIG Time Code Receiver

The TCR511 is synchronized by modulated (DC Level Shift) and unmodulated (AM) IRIG and AFNOR time..


Meinberg TCR511PCI: IRIG Time Code Receiver for Computers (PCI/PCI-X bus)

Timecode reader slot card for PCI bus PCI LOCAL BUS interface, 3.3V or 5V, 33MHz or 66MHz, PCI-X co..


Meinberg TCR511PEX: IRIG Time Code Receiver for Computers (PCI Express)

Timecode reader slot card for PCI Express PCI Express InterfacePlug and playPulses per second and p..