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B+B Isolators & Repeaters

B+B Isolators & Repeaters

Whether you need an optical repeater, high speed data isolation repeater, or a non-isolated repeater, we has a large selection of high performance industrial communications solutions for many applications.  With our data isolation and data repeaters, you can protect your electronics from power spikes, lightning surges, dangerous ground loops, and accidental high voltage shorts, while increasing your data line range.

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B&B Electronics 232OPDR RS-232 Isolated Repeater

The 232OPDR is a DIN rail mountable RS-232 optical isolator and repeater. It provides 2,000 V isol..


B&B Electronics 232OPDRI Industrial RS-232 Isolated Repeater

The 232OPDRI is our premium Industrial RS-232 Isolated Repeater. Designed for rugged industrial..


B&B Electronics 232OPDRI-PH RS-232 Triple (Heavy Duty) Isolated Repeater

Our RS-232 optical isolators are ideally suited for many applications – from “control panel” insta..


B&B Electronics High Speed Isolated Serial Repeater

The 485OPDR-HS is a high speed, optically isolated RS-422/485 repeater that supports data rates up..


B&B Electronics Industrial RS422/485 Isolated Repeater

The 485OPDRI isolated RS-422/485 repeater is designed for rugged industrial environments. It is UL..


B&B Electronics Optically Isolated RS422/485 Repeater

Model 485OP is an optically isolated RS-422/485 signal repeater. In addition to 2KV isolation ..


B&B Electronics RS422/485 Isolated Repeater

The 485OPDR is an optically isolated RS-422/485 isolated line repeater that can be used to isolate..


B&B electronics Serial CAN Isolated Repeater

CANOP - CAN Optically Isolated RepeaterThe CANOP copper to fiber converter extends the node ..


B&B Electronix Compact USB Port Guardian

Compact USB Port Isolation- Perfect for Field Service!2 kV Isolation is as close as your..