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Signal conversion

Signal conversion

Our interface modules are the links between the real physical process and the control system. Use the [EEx ia]-version of this function modules to assure a save data transmission from the potentially explosive area to the non-hazardous area and vice-versa.

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Camille Bauer A20 Modbus Indicator

The digital indicator SINEAX A20 is an universal display device with a large OLED display for fr..

Camille Bauer Bus connector CB-Power-Bus

The signal conditioners can be powered in 3 different ways: Picture A by the spring cage t..

Camille Bauer Converter for USB to RS232, RS485 or TTL CONFIG BOXPlus

RS232-TTL-RS485/USB asynchronous serial converter, article no. 172768Windows (XP, Vista, XP Embedded..

Camille Bauer DC current isolator SINEAX TV804

DC current isolatorInput: Current (active or passive) Output: Current (active or passive) Resp..

Camille Bauer DC current shunt to DC isolator/converter SINEAX VS54

Shunt / V-I isolated converterInput: ± 25 mV up to ± 2000 mV Output: current 0/4...20, 20...4/0..

Camille Bauer DC current/voltage isolator/converter SINEAX TV815

DC-signal converter (current/voltage)The purpose of the signal converter SINEAX TV815 is to electr..

Camille Bauer DC current/voltage isolator/converter SINEAX VS50

DC current / Voltage converterInput: Current 0/4...20 mA or voltage 0/1...5, 0/2...10, 0...15/30..

Camille Bauer DC current/voltage isolator/duplicator SINEAX TVD825

The purpose of the signal converter / duplicator SINEAX TVD825 is to electrically insulate input an..

Camille Bauer DCM817 Signal isolator

Signal isolator for electrically isolating an analog DC signal. It functions as a passive isolator ..

Camille Bauer SINEAX 2I1

Signal isolator for electrically isolating an analog DC signal.Functions as a passive isolator witho..

Camille Bauer SINEAX B811

Power pack for supplying power to 2-wire measuring transducers with DC auxiliary power, and for 1:..

Camille Bauer SINEAX B812

The SINEAX B812 unit supplies all commercially available 2-wire field transmitters.The separation ..

Camille Bauer SINEAX SI815

Signal isolator for electrically isolating the 4 to 20 mA measuring/supply circuit of a measuring ..

Camille Bauer SINEAX TI 816-5

DC signal isolator, passive, no power supply needed.Signal isolator for electrically isolating an ..

Camille Bauer SINEAX TI801

Loop powered converters (2-wire) mA to mAInput: 1 channel, current 4...20 mA Output: 1 channel,..