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Meinberg Funkuhren

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Antenna Switch Unit

Antenna Switch Unit for all Meinberg's GPS, GPS/GLONASS L1 and LF Antennas.The switching unit AMX21/..


Modular Time- and Frequency Synchronization System for Industrial Applications in DIN Rail Chassis T..

Meinberg AI01: DCF77 Indoor Antenna

DCF77 Indoor Antenna AI01DCF77 indoor antenna AI01 in plastic housing. Ferrite rod with wi..

Meinberg AK03 DCF77 Indoor Antenna (compact)

DCF77 indoor antenna AK03 in plastic housing. Ferrite rod with winding. Remotely powered RF amplifie..

Meinberg ANZ14 display for panel mounting application - time and date

The 14-digit LE-Display shows the time, date and day-of-week. The displays brightness is adjustabl..

Meinberg ANZ14/NET display for panel mounting (RJ45 network connection)

Display for panel mounting, RJ45 network connection ANZ14/NET is a LED display with network (Ethern..

Meinberg ANZ14: LED Display with DCF77 Radio Clock Option (ANZ14/DCF77)

Product DescriptionA serial time sting is generated either once per second, once per minute, o..

Meinberg AV4 DCF77 Antenna distributor (4-port, external)

DCF77 Antenna Amplifier/Diplexer with 20dB gain. For connecting up to 4 DCF77 radio clocks to one D..

Meinberg AV5 DCF77 Antenna distributor (5-port, internal)

Available as: Amplifier + Diplexer AV5Documents/Downloads English info sheet - Rev.: 2016-Mar-02 /..

Meinberg AW02: DCF77 Outdoor Antenna

Product DescriptionThe AW02 is a weatherproof and temperature resistant DCF77 active antenna f..

Meinberg C600RS: DCF77 radio clock with serial RS232 interface

Product DescriptionThe radio remote clock C600RS has been designed for applications where only..

Meinberg DCF600HS: DCF77 radio clock for 35mm DIN mounting rail

Product Description RS232 interface via 9 pin SUB-D female connector. Pulse per second and pul..

Meinberg DCF600USB: DCF77 radio clock module for USB interface (integrated antenna)

Product DescriptionThe DCF600USB shows the reception quality via its status LED and uses a ..

Meinberg DCF77 DOAL Optical Antenna Link

The DOAL/A module mounts indoors, and connects to a Meinberg DCF antenna (AI01, AW02 or AK03) with a..

Meinberg DCF77 DU35K: LED Large Display DU35K (three rows, day of week, date, time)

Product Description Large display DU35K with good visibility and 50mm height LED characters, worki..