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IoT Pristupnici

IoT Pristupnici

IoT-Enable All Your Machines & Devices

World-class Security & Managability for your “Things”

 Industry experts estimate that for each person in the world, there are currently at least six (6) connected devices. Factor in the breadth and depth of all the installed bases of machines and devices out there today, and its no wonder “IoT” is top of mind for virtually every business today!

Whether you’ve got on- or off-site servers and full data centers, industrial machinery, medical devices, alarm panels or information kiosks, they can all participate in the Internet of Things – and Lantronix has the enterprise-class solutions to get practically any and every one of them security connected, deployed and managed. For the past 20 years, our solutions have been deployed to connect existing electronic equipment for networking, routing, switching, application hosting, remote management, telemetry, telematics, printing, protocol conversion and other functions.

Our portfolio of M2M and IoT Gateways comprises a wide range of products designed to fit the needs of any organization – from small / emerging businesses through Fortune 500 — including wired and wireless IoT Gateways, console servers, mobile printing products and platforms, remote keyboard / video / mouse (KVM) management, IT infrastructure management products, power management, software management platforms, Ethernet switches, and more.