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Camille Bauer

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Camille Bauer A20 Modbus Indicator

The digital indicator SINEAX A20 is an universal display device with a large OLED display for fr..


Camille Bauer APLUS multifunctional power monitor with system analysis (size 96 x 96 mm)

The APLUS is a new comprehensive unit for the universal measurement, monitoring and power quality ..


Camille Bauer Bus connector CB-Power-Bus

The signal conditioners can be powered in 3 different ways: Picture A by the spring cage t..


Camille Bauer CAM mobile (mobile three-phase power quality) analyzer

Demand analysis in any low-voltage system with data recordingThe CAM mobile has been designed for ..


Camille Bauer CB-Pocket Configurator

Portable voltage/current simulator meterPrecision class: 0.1% Voltage measuring/simulation:..


Camille Bauer Converter for USB to RS232, RS485 or TTL CONFIG BOXPlus

RS232-TTL-RS485/USB asynchronous serial converter, article no. 172768Windows (XP, Vista, XP Embedded..


Camille Bauer DC current isolator SINEAX TV804

DC current isolatorInput: Current (active or passive) Output: Current (active or passive) Resp..


Camille Bauer DC current shunt to DC isolator/converter SINEAX VS54

Shunt / V-I isolated converterInput: ± 25 mV up to ± 2000 mV Output: current 0/4...20, 20...4/0..


Camille Bauer DC current/voltage isolator/converter SINEAX TV815

DC-signal converter (current/voltage)The purpose of the signal converter SINEAX TV815 is to electr..


Camille Bauer DC current/voltage isolator/converter SINEAX VS50

DC current / Voltage converterInput: Current 0/4...20 mA or voltage 0/1...5, 0/2...10, 0...15/30..


Camille Bauer DC current/voltage isolator/duplicator SINEAX TVD825

The purpose of the signal converter / duplicator SINEAX TVD825 is to electrically insulate input an..


Camille Bauer DCM817 Signal isolator

Signal isolator for electrically isolating an analog DC signal. It functions as a passive isolator ..


Camille Bauer EDS-CAM, grafic display for SINEAX CAM

Display unit for universal measuring unit for heavy current variables SINEAX CAM.The EDS-CAM is a ..


Camille Bauer EURAX VC603

These devices convert the measured quantity (i.e. direct current or voltage, or the signal from a ..


Camille Bauer KINAX 2W2 programmable shaft transmitter

Transmitter with a contact free, capacitive sensor system for the acquisition of the angular positio..